Declaration of Web Content Accessebility

The document contains a declaration of accessibility of QCP’s web presentation, a description of applied non-standard formats and a contact for the technical webmaster.

For the description of any information on this web the XHTML 1.0 Strict markup language has been used; for the style specification the CSS style sheet has been used. All sizes are provided in relative units to be able to increase the letter size as necessary.

All links in the text are underlined.

The print link provided at the end of any document is accessible only with a switched-on Javascript. If Javascript is not allowed for the user, the user may avail of the regular method of printing from the browser (the print functionality is not limited by this in any way).

Information presented in other formats

This web provides some information in a format other than text or hypertext. Links to these files are flagged in the text with the relevant icon highlighting the different content of the target link.

Documents may be provided in the following formats:

  • PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader may be freely downloaded to view this format.
  • DOC, XLS, PPT - Microsoft provides browsers for its Office products which may be downloaded free of charge.
  • RTF – may be displayed and edited in most of the regularly used text editors.
  • ZIP - some documents may be compressed due to their size. The internet offers a broad range of programs which can decompress this format.

Contact to the webmaster

You can send your ideas, comments, or information about problems which you might face when using this web to the address of the technical webmaster at webadmin@qcm_cz. This address is intended only for technical issues concerning this web presentation, and not for content issues.


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It is the main representative of the broadest business segment and apart from legislation, export, innovation, education, and financing of SME it focuses its activities on family businesses, crafts, young business, local producers, small shops and gastronomy establishments, women in business, and businesses in the countryside.